How To Take Screenshot In Windows 11?

5 Easy Ways To Capture Your Screen

By Ricky Smith

1. Use Print Screen (PrtScn) Button To Take Screenshot

All you need to do is look for the Print Screen button on the keyboard often labeled as Prt Scr, Print Screen, or even Prnt Scr.

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2. Use Print Screen + Windows Key To Take Screenshot As A File

You use the Windows + PrintScreen/Prt Scr key together on the keyboard to capture the Window on the screen.

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3. Use Alt + Print Screen To Capture Active or Current Screen

Another method you can try out here specifically to capture an active window and not the entire screen that you are currently using.

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4. Use Windows + Shift + S To Capture Selected Area

By Snipping, we mean using a certain function that allows you to select a certain area or part of the Window and get a screenshot.

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5. Use a Snipping Tool


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