How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming

Most of laptops you’ll find online have at least 8GB of RAM, which is thought to be the minimum amount needed to run any essential operations. But you need more than just the bare minimum to play games, and you should be able to handle the most demanding tasks. The real query is, then, How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming ?

You will now only need a small amount of memory to be able to play all of the high-end games to their full potential. However, you shouldn’t go overboard because that would be unnecessary, a complete waste of money. As a result, you must be precise in your memory capacity selection.

Let us learn more about the RAM capacity you need for gaming

What is RAM?

RAM is a type of computer memory that is used to store information temporarily so that the processor of the computer can access it quickly. It serves as a link between the processor and the long-term storage, where all the data is stored permanently (like the hard drive or SSD). The game data is loaded into the RAM when you start a game to give the processor quick access, that result in a smoother gaming experience and quicker loading times.

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How Does RAM Work For Gaming?

Let’s learn more about RAM and how it functions for your gaming needs before we get to the most crucial question about the capacity you require.
RAM is simply the memory space that your computer uses to store all of its data while it is running. In contrast to other SSD storage capacities, it serves as a short-term memory where any application or game can access the data very quickly.

Speaking of gaming, you need enough RAM so that data sent to the system to run these top-tier games is sent much more quickly. Your games will begin to lag if the memory is used up because they won’t have sufficient space to store and access the necessary data.

Similar to this, you will discover that your GPU unit has vRAM, which is its own dedicated memory. It is solely in charge of keeping and getting access to the data needed for the graphics displayed on the monitor. For more information, almost all of PCs and laptops you will find have 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of RAM. You can choose which seems best to go with based on your usage and budget.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming

In This Paragraph I Talking About How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming. RAM capacity completely depends on your needs, as we previously mentioned. In terms of gaming, 16GB of RAM is the best option.

It can play all of the demanding games, including Overwatch, Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc., without any time lagging. Yes, you might need to spend an important amount of money, but the overall speed and quality you will receive are unmatched. There are many websites that can offer 16GB RAM along with all the features needed for the best gaming experience.

We are aware that not everyone can afford to spend an amount of money on such laptops, though. The fact that you can also run multiple games with 8GB RAM should make things easier for you. In addition to saving you money, it performs flawlessly when running sophisticated applications.

You may also come across laptops with upgradeable memory component. If you do have the chance to upgrade your RAM to 32GB, it might not be the best option. If you’re a professional gamer, this might suit your needs, but for any other casual gamers, it would be a waste of money and overkill.

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Is Too Much RAM Bad?

In technical terms, there is no such thing as having too much RAM. There is no harm in it if you have been making the best use of the capacity your system has given you. It is a fact that you cannot choose to upgrade your laptop for more memory if it can only hold 16GB of it.

However, if I only use my laptop for work and will never need more than 8GB RAM, using 16GB RAM may just be a waste of money. This is what we all mean when we say there is too much. In this way, we can say that too much RAM is just wasted.

Is 8GB RAM Still Enough?

If your budget does not allow for anything higher, you can continue to use 8GB RAM for your gaming needs, as we have previously mentioned. Will it be enough is the real question, though. Depending on your gaming requirements.

If you stick to simple productivity, apps, or even light gaming, then yes, it is sufficient. While 8GB RAM supports multitasking in the best way, it is insufficient for demanding 4K games. Similar to how Assasins Creed requires at least 16GB of RAM for fluid gameplay, it might not be sufficient if you want to play it at its best.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming

Is 32GB RAM Overkill?

There are many of gamers’ and users’ perspectives on this statement, which is somewhat divisive. Yes, 32GB is regarded as being excessive even for playing top-tier games. For games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc., only 16GB of RAM is required. It is believed to be sufficient to provide smooth gameplay.

But as more and more new games hit the market, it’s very likely that you’ll need 32GB of RAM to play them. Some VR-based or even simulator games demand such a large amount of memory.


Q1. Can I add more RAM to my existing system?

Yes, you can add more RAM to your existing system. Check your computer’s specifications to determine the type and maximum capacity of RAM it supports.

Q2. Is faster RAM better for gaming?

Yes, faster RAM can improve gaming performance to some extent. However, the difference in performance is often minimal compared to having more RAM.

Q3. How can I check the amount of RAM on my computer?

On Windows, you can press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open the Task Manager, go to the “Performance” tab, and check the “Memory” section. On macOS, click the Apple menu, select “About This Mac,” and navigate to the “Memory” tab.

Q4. Does RAM affect FPS In Games

RAM can have an indirect impact on FPS. Having sufficient RAM allows the system to load and process game data more efficiently, which can help maintain a stable and higher FPS in games.


In conclusion “How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming” RAM is an essential component for optimal gaming performance. While the minimum RAM requirement for gaming is typically 8GB, it is recommended to have at least 16GB of RAM to ensure a smoother gaming experience, faster loading times, and the ability to multitask while gaming. Factors such as the type of games you play, multitasking requirements, future-proofing, and budget constraints should be considered when determining the appropriate amount of RAM for your gaming needs. Thankyou For Reading Our “How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming” Article.

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