Scholarship Program

The laptop expert team of The Tech Lunch is happy to announce the Scholarship Program of 2021 for postgraduates and undergraduates students. The purpose of this scholarship program is to help the students who need a laptop to take notes in the classroom and complete assignments. So, this is the reason we have announced this scholarship so it’s a great opportunity for the students to win a brand new laptop.

Who We Are:

The Tech Lunch is a website where we are trying to help the people who want to buy the best laptop within their budget and requirement.

Actually, we love to find the best laptops with best configuration and to review them. In our laptop buying guides, we provide information about how to choose the best laptop for yourself by providing and which important thing you need to check. Our main aim is to make this task easy for you to find your new laptop. You can check our about us page for more info.

Below you can check our few examples of laptop buying guides for students laptops:

You can also check our other laptop buying guide on our website such as best budget laptops, best gaming laptops, and best work laptops.

How To Apply:

Any of the students who are interested to apply for this scholarship program, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Write a fresh and unique article of words around from 1500 to 2000 on any one of the topics (Only in English language):

  • The technology benefits of laptops in the classroom
  • Are laptops distracting educational tools in classrooms?

Step 2: Submit your article by sending us an E-mail at with the subject “Scholarship Article” and include following things in your email:

  • Your written article in word .doc or .pdf format
  • Your personal details (Full Name Only)

How The Scholarship Will Be Awarded:

Once we have determined the applicant’s eligibility, then we will announce the scholarship winner basis on content quality like how well the content is described. The amount of scholarship is $500, which we will send the winner via PayPal.

Submission Deadline:

The final date for submission the scholarship is 28th December 2021 and winners will be announced on 5th Jan via email. You should note that the submissions after the deadline will not be granted.

Scholarship 2020 Winner Announced by The Tech Lunch

The winner of the year 2020 was Elena Sisko who deserved the prize money of $500 for writing an outstanding piece of content.

Note: For those students who could not take part in this scholarship program in 2021 because of some reasons then don’t worry the reason is that we run our scholarship program every year so they can participate again in our next scholarship program. So, you just need to stay updated on our website and our social media profiles.

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